Monday, January 26, 2009

Pile of Accessories

Here is the pile of accessories that I need to paint. Fun!
You can see the adventurers ready to be flocked and base painted black to the right.
Evil doers and rogue nations are the next figure batches after the adventurers, undead tomb denizens, and some bad guys.
Next stop is China and Transylvannia.
In the pics is walls, stairs, throne, columns, stair well (faux painted descending), pool/basin/fountain, rubble markers.

Egyptian Crypts and Tombs Tiles

New images of the finished Pulp in Egypt tiles. I have completed all the tiles. About 40 in all. I need to make a few more normal 5 x 5 rooms just for additional encounters because i have a lot of corridors completed. That will be a future phase. My favorite are the water tiles. And I can't wait to see what creeps from the 10 x 12 dual water channel tile.

Next is to start all the accessories. Columns, stairs, walls, doors, and all the other stuff for reanimated pulp goodness.

I will put together a mock dungeon when I get some of the acessories painted. Hopefully this week.